Thursday, April 25, 2013

My heart explodes with song
It cannot be contained
the walls of the system explode
from the intensity with which
the energy flows through

the music of my heart
is released into the universe
and healing occurs wherever
the sound is heard

the rhythm of this heart
dances to the essence of nature
such beauty must be felt to be appreciated

the feet cannot keep still
they must move
the beat goes from my heart
to the toes and they twitch
and then they move
they kick off the shoes
and must express
the love, the rhythm
the joy of eternity.
they know you

Place your hand on my heart
feel it’s song for you
Place your other hand
in mine and let us dance.
Join with my heart and let us soar
Our hearts will become one
we will create new universes
just for us to play on
we will create joy and the
universe will celebrate with us

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Portland, April 18, 2013
Long time no speak.

look in my eyes
see my chest rise and fall
my spirit quickens
when it sees your spirit
through your eyes

breathe with me now
in, out, in, out
the rhythm finds
its natural flow
and we are one

we create when we are one
what shall we create today
how about love?

I feel your breath in me
on my cheek
on my neck
on my lips as we kiss
we exchange breath
and give each other life

touch my core through
my breath
know me fully
see the future in me
with me
with us

our cores are one
they are connected
and we are connected
to the ONE core

Look in my eyes

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It will be.

Today i start to dance with my inner writer again.
I have this on again off again relationship with the part of me that writes.
It has been satisfied with participating over at Facebook.
But the changes at FB are showing me that i want to spend more time here dancing with myself.
Sometimes i may write with some of you in my mind.
Mostly though i will write to dance with my inner self.
I am not sure what this is going to look like. It will evolve over time.
I know that i am EXCITED about my dance.
I will be moving the first part of October to Switzerland.
This feels like it will be a time of blossoming and beginning to teach.
I will see...
That is it for the moment....going to go work in the garden.
Hugs, kisses and much love..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well FB has inspired me to come back here and start writing. So you will find me here interacting with life instead of there on FB. The control that social media tries to exert over us has finally reached the place in me of boiling over. Time to walk away.....So you will find me here and on skype and in the ethers of spirit learning to connect there via our spirits....Time for a shedding of old skin that no longer fits..
I love you all.
Kisses and hugs. Tickles, licks and invitations to dance.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Post

Sunday, 25 April, 2010

I am sitting here setting up my blog, trying to plan out the next week before i leave on my walk of the camino. What do i absolutely have to get done and what doesn't matter?
Good question!!

I have so much to do before i leave. I want to refine my intention for my walk. I have a broad intention of just getting in touch with my true self in the moment; getting rid of all the junk i have accumulated inside of me over the years.
It is also a desire of mine to honor my father, who was quite a walker. I have this expectation that he and i will be very close on this walk. "Please join me dad, I love you."

I think that is enough for the moment...I am overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. People i have never met have expressed an interest in my journey. It touches me very deeply. I welcome all of you to be a part of my journey. I will be totally open, allowing you to see my warts and the nakedness of my soul.
I am not a teacher, an example or anyone that is worth emulating. I will not carry the responsibility of trying to live up to expectations you may have of me. I am just going to discover more of who i am in this process. I am sure parts of it will be beautiful and parts will probably be very ugly. I will enjoy the beauty and actually discovering the part of me that is hiding in that shadow.

Please feel free to interact with me. I welcome your comments.
I love you.