Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Post

Sunday, 25 April, 2010

I am sitting here setting up my blog, trying to plan out the next week before i leave on my walk of the camino. What do i absolutely have to get done and what doesn't matter?
Good question!!

I have so much to do before i leave. I want to refine my intention for my walk. I have a broad intention of just getting in touch with my true self in the moment; getting rid of all the junk i have accumulated inside of me over the years.
It is also a desire of mine to honor my father, who was quite a walker. I have this expectation that he and i will be very close on this walk. "Please join me dad, I love you."

I think that is enough for the moment...I am overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. People i have never met have expressed an interest in my journey. It touches me very deeply. I welcome all of you to be a part of my journey. I will be totally open, allowing you to see my warts and the nakedness of my soul.
I am not a teacher, an example or anyone that is worth emulating. I will not carry the responsibility of trying to live up to expectations you may have of me. I am just going to discover more of who i am in this process. I am sure parts of it will be beautiful and parts will probably be very ugly. I will enjoy the beauty and actually discovering the part of me that is hiding in that shadow.

Please feel free to interact with me. I welcome your comments.
I love you.